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  • 26 February
    - Northern Ca.
  • 18 March
  • 21 April
    - 2005 High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals
  • 28 April
    - Mountain State ATV & Dirt Bike Jamboree
  • 22 June
    - Dirt Days on the Hatfield McCoy Trail
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    Forum Rules

    Go To Top Of Page Fight Club

    The fight club forum is entended for members to just relax and blow off some steam. We all need that every now and then. However, there are some guidlines you must follow when posting in there:

    • Keep the foul language to a minimum. 13 is the youngest allowed on the site... make it so that they can read it without asking mommy what it means.

    • Keep all insults contained to the "Fight Club." Do not venture out to other forums with bashing in mind.

    • Do NOT take personal attacks on members. You can insult their taste in quads, but do not make an attack on them personally. This means that posts remarking on someone's sexual orientation or physical demeanor are strictly forbidden!

    • ONLY make educated insults. This means that you are expected to backup your claim with reasons on why it is.

    • As with the rest of the site, posts that go beyond these rules (or that are deemed inappropriate by moderators) will be edited as needed.

    In general, be civil to your neighbor and you everyone will get along just fine.

    Go To Top Of Page Post Location

    As you will notice, the site is broken up into several different forums. This is done to allow you to post a topic in a related forum. If you wish to make a post on Honda's, then post it in the Honda section, Yamaha in the Yamaha section, and so on.

    Go To Top Of Page General Forum Rules

    • NO images of riders without helmets (a rider is anyone on an ATV/motorcycle that is in motion).

    • NO posting or linking to any pornographic material in any shape or form. The same goes for nudity.

    • Keep the foul language to a minimum. We all curse occasionally, but do not take it to an extreme.

    • Do NOT make personal attacks on other members. ATV Outdoors was created for ATV enthusiasts to talk about what they love, not to bash fellow members. It's fine if you don't like a member, but act like you do if you wish to remain a member of this site.

    • Do NOT spam the forums. Make only relevant posts and refrain from advertising or annoying others in any way.

    • Make posts that are legible to all members. Ebonics may be cool on the street, but it has no place here. Posts seen as confusing or unclear can be deleted by a moderator at any time.

    • Photos in your signature are not allowed. Such things increase load times for dial up users and can also distract from forum content.

    These rules come down to one simple idea. Treat your fellow members with respect of their ideas, and tolerance of their beliefs. Any post deemed inappropriate can be altered or deleted by a moderator. If the behavior continues, removal of the offending member is allowed and should be expected.

    Go To Top Of Page Classifieds

    The Classifieds section of the site is to post items that you wish to sell. This site takes no responsibility for handling payment or shipping. Think of it as taking out a free world wide newspaper add.

    Please do not post items that you do not entend on selling or that you do not have access to.

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