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     Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQ Table of Contents

    Go To Top Of PageRegistering

    Registration is not required to view current topics on the Forum; however, if you wish to post a new topic or reply to an existing topic registration is required. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. The only required fields are your Username, which may be your real name or a nickname, and a valid e-mail address.

    The information you provide during registration is not outsourced or used for any advertising by ATV Outdoors.

    If you believe someone is sending you advertisements as a result of the information you provided through your registration, please notify us immediately.

    Go To Top Of PageSmilies

    You've probably seen others use smilies before in e-mail messages or other bulletin board posts. Smilies are keyboard characters used to convey an emotion, such as a smile or a frown . This bulletin board automatically converts certain text to a graphical representation when it is inserted between brackets [].  Here are the smilies that are currently supported by ATV Outdoors:

    smile [:)]
    big smile [:D]
    cool [8D]
    blush [:I]
    tongue [:p]
    evil [}:)]
    wink [;)]
    clown [:o)]
    black eye [B)]
    eightball [8]
    frown [:(]
    shy [8)]
    shocked [:0]
    angry [:(!]
    dead [xx(]
    sleepy [|)]
    kisses [:X]
    approve [^]
    disapprove [V]
    question [?]

    Go To Top Of PageCreating a Hyperlink in your message

    You can easily add a hyperlink to your message.

    All that you need to do is type the URL (, and it will automatically be converted to a URL (!

    The trick here is to make sure you prefix your URL with the http://, https:// or file://

    You can also add a mailto link to your message by typing in your e-mail address.

    This Example:
    Outputs this:

    Another way to add hyperlinks is to use the [url]linkto[/url] tags

    This Example:
    [url][/url] takes you home!
    Outputs This: takes you home!

    If you use this tag: [url="linkto"]description[/url] you can add a description to the link.

    This Example:
    Take me to [url=""]ATV Outdoors[/url]
    Outputs This:
    Take me to ATV Outdoors
    This Example:
    If you have a question [url=""]E-Mail Me[/url]
    Outputs This:
    If you have a question E-Mail Me

    You can make clickable images by combining the [url="linkto"]description[/url] and [img]image_url[/img] tags
    This Example:
    Outputs This:

    Go To Top Of PageHow to format text with Bold, Italic, Quote, etc...

    There are several Forum Codes you may use to change the appearance of your text.  Following is the list of codes currently available:

    Bold: Enclose your text with [b] and [/b] .  Example: This is [b]bold[/b] text. = This is bold text.

    Italic: Enclose your text with [i] and [/i] .  Example: This is [i]italic[/i] text. = This is italic text.

    Underline: Enclose your text with [u] and [/u]. Example: This is [u]underline[/u] text. = This is underline text.

    Aligning Text Left: Enclose your text with [left] and [/left]

    Aligning Text Center: Enclose your text with [center] and [/center]

    Aligning Text Right: Enclose your text with [right] and [/right]

    Striking Text: Enclose your text with [s] and [/s]
    Example: [s]mistake[/s] = mistake

    Horizontal Rule: Place a horizontal line in your post with [hr]
    Example: [hr] =


    Font Colors:
    Enclose your text with [fontcolor] and [/fontcolor]
    Example: [red]Text[/red] = Text
    Example: [blue]Text[/blue] = Text
    Example: [pink]Text[/pink] = Text
    Example: [brown]Text[/brown] = Text
    Example: [black]Text[/black] = Text
    Example: [orange]Text[/orange] = Text
    Example: [violet]Text[/violet] = Text
    Example: [yellow]Text[/yellow] = Text
    Example: [green]Text[/green] = Text
    Example: [gold]Text[/gold] = Text
    Example: [white]Text[/white] = Text
    Example: [purple]Text[/purple] = Text


    Headings: Enclose your text with [hnumber] and [/hn]

    Example: [h1]Text[/h1] =


    Example: [h2]Text[/h2] =


    Example: [h3]Text[/h3] =


    Example: [h4]Text[/h4] =


    Example: [h5]Text[/h5] =
    Example: [h6]Text[/h6] =


    Font Sizes:
    Example: [size=1]Text[/size=1] = Text
    Example: [size=2]Text[/size=2] = Text
    Example: [size=3]Text[/size=3] = Text
    Example: [size=4]Text[/size=4] = Text
    Example: [size=5]Text[/size=5] = Text
    Example: [size=6]Text[/size=6] = Text


    Bulleted List: [list] and [/list], and items in list with [*] and [/*].

    Ordered Alpha List: [list=a] and [/list=a], and items in list with [*] and [/*].

    Ordered Number List: [list=1] and [/list=1], and items in list with [*] and [/*].

    Code: Enclose your text with [code] and [/code].

    Quote: Enclose your text with [quote] and [/quote].

    Images: Enclose the address with one of the following:

    • [img] and [/img]
    • [img=right] and [/img=right]
    • [img=left] and [/img=left]

    Go To Top Of PageModerators

    Moderators control individual forums. They may edit, delete, or prune any posts in their forums.

    Go To Top Of PageCookies

    These Forums use cookies to store the following information: the last time you logged in, your Username and your Encrypted Password. These cookies are stored on your hard drive. Cookies are not used to track your movement or perform any function other than to enhance your use of these forums. If you have not enabled cookies in your browser, many of these time-saving features will not work properly. Also, you need to have cookies enabled if you want to enter a private forum or post a topic/reply.

    You may delete all cookies set by these forums in selecting the "logout" button at the top of any page.

    Go To Top Of PageActive Topics

    Active Topics are tracked by cookies. When you click on the "active topics" link, a page is generated listing all topics that have been posted since your last visit to these forums (or approximately 20 minutes).

    Go To Top Of PageEditing Your Posts

    You may edit or delete your own posts at any time. Just go to the topic where the post to be edited or deleted is located and you will see a edit or delete icon (EditDelete) on the line that begins "posted on..." Click on this icon to edit or delete the post. No one else can edit your post, except for the forum Moderator or the forum Administrator.

    Go To Top Of PageAttaching Files

    For security reasons, you may not attach files to any posts. However, you may cut and paste text into your post.

    Go To Top Of PageSearching For Specific Posts

    You may search for specific posts based on a word or words found in the posts, user name, date, and particular forum(s). Simply click on the "search" link at the top of most pages.

    Go To Top Of PageEditing Your Profile

    You may easily change any information stored in your registration profile by using the "profile" link located near the top of each page. Simply identify yourself by typing your Username and Password and all of your profile information will appear on screen. You may edit any information (except your Username).

    Go To Top Of PageSignatures

    You may attach signatures to the end of your posts when you post either a New Topic or Reply. Your signature is editable by clicking on "profile" at the top of any forum page and entering your Username and Password.

    NOTE: HTML can't be used in Signatures.

    Go To Top Of PageCensoring Posts

    The Forum does censor certain words that may be posted; however, this censoring is not an exact science, and is being done based on the words that are being screened, so certain words may be censored out of context. By default, words that are censored are replaced with asterisks.

    Go To Top Of PageLost Password

    Changing a lost password is simple, assuming that e-mail features are turned on for this forum. All of the pages that require you to identify yourself with your Username and Password carry a "lost Password" link that you can use to have a code e-mailed instantly to your e-mail address of record that will allow you to create a new password. Because of the Encryption that we use for your password, we cannot tell you what your password is.

    Go To Top Of PageCan I be notified by e-mail when there are new posts?

    Yes, the Subscription feature allows you to subscribe to the entire Board, individual Categories, Forums and/or Topics, depending on what the administrator of this site allows. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of a post that has been made to the Category/Forum/Topic that you have subscribed to. There are four levels of subscription:

    - Board Wide Subscription
    If you can subscribe to an entire Board, you'll get a notification for any posts made within all the forums inside that board.

    - Category Wide Subscription
    You can subscribe to an entire Category, which will notify you if there was any posts made within any topic, within any forum, within that Category.

    - Forum Wide Subscription
    If you don't want to subscribe to an entire Category, you can subscribe to a single forum. This will notify you of any posts made within any topic, within that forum.

    - Topic Wide Subscription
    More conveniently, you can subscribe to just an individual topic. You will be notified of any post made within that topic.
    Each level of subscription is optional. The administrator can turn On/Off each level of subscription for each Category/Forum/Topic.
    To Subscribe or Unsubscribe from any level of subscription, you can use the "My Subscriptions" link, located near the top of each page to manage your subscriptions. Or you can click on the subscribe/unsubscribe icons (Subscribe UnSubscribe) for that Category/Forum/Topic you want to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from.

    Go To Top Of PageWhat does it mean if a forum has Moderation enabled?

    Moderation: This feature allows the Administrator or the Moderator to "Approve", "Hold" or "Delete" a users post before it is shown to the public.
    Approve: Only the administrators or the moderators will be able to approve a post made to a moderated forum. When the post is approved, it will be made viewable to the public.
    Hold: When a user posts a message to a moderated forum, the message is automatically put on hold until a moderator or an administrator approves of the post. No one will be able to view the post while it is put on hold.
    NOTE: Authors of the post will be able to edit their post during this mode.
    Delete: If the administrator or moderator chooses this option, the post will be deleted and an e-mail will be sent to the poster of the message, informing them that their post was not approved. The administrator/moderator will be able to give their reason for not approving the post in the e-mail.

    Go To Top Of Page What broswer works best?

    Due to the nature of the code, Internet Explorer 5 or higher will give you the best results.

    Go To Top Of Page What screen size is best for this site?

    The site works best at a resolution of 1024x768. You can change this by going to your display properties in the control panel.

    Go To Top Of Page Can I add my own avatar?

    Yes, you can (and should) add your own avatar. There is no way that enough avatars could be supplied for everyone to have their own. Because of this, there is a feature that will allow you to add your own avatar!! See the instructions below (they look long, but it is really very easy to do):

    1. You first must be a member (no free rides for the good features )

    2. Once you are a member, click on the "My Profile" link at the top right of the page. You will then see your profile... where you will see your avatar setting:

    3. Click on submit avatar. You will then have to enter the address (the URL) of the avatar and a name for it. The image will have to be hosted by someone on the internet (or you can upload it to your photo album provided by this site.

    4. To get the address of any image on the net:

    Right click the image, select properties:

    Highlight the address(URL) and select copy:

    5. Now the address is in your computer... Go back to the add avatar box, and right click... the select paste:

    6. Pick a name, and then hit submit. Once you submit it, it will have to be approved, and will then be assigned to you. That should take less than 24 hours to happen. You will then get a message from me saying it is good to go. Happy avatar adding!!

    Go To Top Of Page How do I get more stars in my ranking?

    The more posts that are made, the higher your ranking goes. A guide to the ranking system is below:

    0 - 24 = rookie (0 stars)
    25 - 99 = Junior Contributor (1 star)
    100 - 499 = Contributor (2 stars)
    500 - 999 = Postmaster (3 stars)
    1000 - 4999 = Postmaster General (4 stars)
    5000+ = Posting Pro (5 stars)

    Go To Top Of Page How do I post a photo?

    Posting a photo is easy, but you first need to have the photo saved on a server somewhere on the net. One free service that is easy to use can be found at . An account can be setup and then you can link to the image from there. What you will need is the URL of the image. If you right click on an image and go to properties; you can copy the URL. That will look something like this: Once you know the address, simply click this button ( ). A box will the pop up prompting you for the address. Enter the address of the photo, and you are all done. Preview the post to make sure the image appears and you are all set.

    Go To Top Of Page Why can I not login?

    The most likely reason is because you do not have cookies enabled. Cookies are required because they allow for greater security on the site. To enable cookies:
    If you have Internet Explorer 5:


    For Internet Explorer 6:

    1. From the Tools menu, click Internet Options:

    2. From the Privacy tab, click Advanced.

    3. Click to select Override Automatic cookie handling. Then click to select Always allow session cookies.

    Click OK.

    Go To Top Of PageWhat is COPPA?

    The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and Rule apply to individually identifiable information about a child that is collected online, such as full name, home address, e-mail address, telephone number or any other information that would allow someone to identify or contact the child. The Act and Rule also cover other types of information -- for example, hobbies, interests and information collected through cookies or other types of tracking mechanisms -- when they are tied to individually identifiable information.

    Go To Top Of PageGetting Your Own Forum

    NOTE: The software is highly configurable, and the baseline Snitz Forum may not have all the features this forum does.

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