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    - Mountain State ATV & Dirt Bike Jamboree
  • 22 June
    - Dirt Days on the Hatfield McCoy Trail
  • .: Second Wind IH :.

    The Second Wind IH is a Genuine Innovations solution to a problem that could stop a ride dead in its tracks. Anyone who has experience with the unfortunate will know that a flat tire can not only be an annoyance but could also be a safety issue if it occurs far from civilization.

    The Second Wind IH is unique in that it is not only a Co2 powered inflator but can also act as a hand pump backup in the event that cartridges are either unavailable or used up. Such a feature is important because it is not always possible to anticipate how much repair will be needed to a tire in distress.

    It is also important to note that the Second Wind IH is not the only tool needed to repair a flat tire. A tire must first be plugged or patched before it can be inflated. Several patch and plug tools are available from Genuine Innovations and other manufactures.


    The Second Wind IH is sized perfectly at just over 6.5" tall and 1.25" wide. Utility riders will be able to stow the device in the on board storage while sport riders could hide the device in a small pack. Storage of the Co2 cartridges will be sure to use up more space than the IH. Below is a brief breakdown of inflation amounts based on Co2 cartridge size provided in the Second Wind IH product documentation. I found in personal testing that results were higher than documented below. Two 12 gram cartridges proved to fill a 25x8x12 (slightly larger than size documented below) tire with 6 psi.

    It is also important to note that the unthreaded 12 gram cartridges must be placed in the pump cylinder with pump extended. Such a placement is beneficial as it offers insulation when filling a tire (Co2 cartridges get very cold during use). All larger cartridges must be threaded and be screwed into the fill head of the Second Wind IH.

    The versatility of a backup hand pump sets the Second Wind IH apart from other Co2 inflators. Multiple flats on a ride may quickly exhaust a supply of Co2 and while hand pumping an ATV tire may not be pleasant, it surly beats hiking back to camp.

    Trigger Guard
    The trigger guard on the Second Wind prevents any misfires while stored with a 12 gram cartridge enclosed in the pump chamber. The trigger flips up and at the same time will contract the fill port on to allow the Second Wind to have a firm hold of the tire being filled.


    Examining the Second Wind brought out one negative point. The trigger must be firmly and completely depressed for Co2 to flow from the cartridge. Such a thing could is beneficial in preventing Co2 from being inadvertently dispersed, but a lighter trigger would be a welcomed modification.

    The Second Wind IH excels in nearly every aspect of its design. The overall feel is rugged to insure it will be able to function when it is called upon. I highly recommend this tool to anyone in search of an alternative to carrying spare tires or hiking shoes during extended rides.

    Learn more about the Second Wind IH on the Genuine Innovations website.

    Author: schef
    Last Edited On: 06/18/2004
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