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  • 26 February
    - Northern Ca.
  • 18 March
  • 21 April
    - 2005 High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals
  • 28 April
    - Mountain State ATV & Dirt Bike Jamboree
  • 22 June
    - Dirt Days on the Hatfield McCoy Trail
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    Today I was able to test out my works aftermarket suspension. All I can simply say is I love them, they take jumps with ease and soak up the big bumps and don’t bounce around a lot like I heard elkas did. The installation took a total of I would say 25 minutes with a torque wrench. You use your stock shock mounting bolts and just hook them right up. The left shocks should have the rezzies mount on the left hand side. Wrap the lines behind the shocks and mount it some were on the chassis, get rubber mounts that fit your chassis frame size and then place the rezzies on top and get 2 hose clams on each rezzies one for the top and one for the bottom of the rezzie. To mount the shocks and rezzies it really takes no skill what so ever. I could tell such a difference on the impact and movement through pretty much all the riding I did. They really liked to be taken high to work well; they didn’t seem to do much on the small jumps because they are pretty stiff right now because they're not full broken in. I hit my friends 45 foot double that he hits on his new yfz and the shocks worked like a charm I could believe how well they took the impact. I would highly recommend getting these for people who are looking for cheap aftermarket suspension. If you really aren’t happy with the performance you can always send them out to a company like derisi racing and get them rebuilt with a pro millennium kit which makes the fluids flow a lot better making the shocks perform pretty much to there maximum ability. I pretty much guarantee you that you will not want a rebuild unless you really race mx and want them to be with the top line of shocks like elka, pep, axis, and tcs suspension. Really look on eBay and other sites because I got a great deal these shocks where used for maybe 4 hours and where just revolved and the oil changed, I got them for $315 and the normal price would be around $520 with tax and shipping from the company.

    Author: kilabanshee
    Last Edited On: 12/21/2003
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