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    After buying my Rincon it became painfully clear that the quad would not fit into my truck (2000 Chevy Silverado short bed) with the tailgate up. This left me with 3 alternatives:

    1. Buy or make a trailer to haul the quad around.
    2. Haul the quad around with the gate down and straps holding it on.
    3. Make the quad fit into the bed.

    I didn't like the first two choices because a trailer is not nimble enough to get to some areas and I was not comfortable with driving down the road with only a few straps keeping the Rincon from falling to a grizzly death.

    What I came up with can be seen below:
    This ramp will lift the front of the Rincon to allow it (which is 83.7") to fit into a bed that is 78.5" long. The ramp also ensures that the glass will not be impacted in case of an abrupt stop as the 2x6 planks extend high enough to allow the wheels to rest firmly in place. However I would still suggest tie-downs for longer trips; just to be safe. Below are a few drawings I came up with of the setup. The materials used were 2x6 wooden planks and a piece of half inch plywood. A metal brace can also be added to the arms to add strength but there are not necessary unless the ramp is used quite often.

    And here it is in action:
    The ramp still leaves enough room to allow the Rincon to fit even with a set of 27" ITP 589 M/S tires installed

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    Author: schef
    Last Edited On: 10/07/2003
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